Marcy McDonald changes lives.

Her unique neuroscience-based program uses UnBlocks™to crack the code on your emotional hard wiring so you can conquer the emotional jungle and live more happily–starting today.

In a previous incarnation, she was Sr. Director of Content at The Great Courses. She has been a leading force in drawing out and guiding hundreds of the best minds in the world to create video courses–from top university professors to leaders in the world of business, from top chefs to award-winning authors, from cutting-edge scientists to masters of their fields such as Joel Sartore and Neil deGrasse Tyson. She has worked with professors from Harvard, Oxford, and Yale, among others, and with organizations such as National Geographic, The Smithsonian, and The Culinary Institute of America.

She has previously written A Kid Meets the Kid: A Ted Williams Novel and Writing: The Bridge Between Us. These days she can be usually be found chasing the chickens out of the garden, crafting UnBlocks™, writing this blog, hiking, or meditating on the mountain top.

Meditating on the rock with dog waiting patiently.